12th Nov2011

Looking for Chaucer….

by medievalmom

Found it!!!


Back story:

Ever have a security blanket?  A woobie? Something that made you feel safe and secure?  Well my woobie of late has been my facsimile copy of the Ellesmere Chaucer.  My research for my dissertation includes a careful examination of specific parts of this manuscript.  I invested in a facsimile copy so that I could work at home instead of laboring away in the Ahmanson Reading Room at the Huntington Library.

Now, have you ever lost your security blanket?  I did and it was mild panic in our home when this book went missing.  As it turns out, my husband packed it up by mistake so we had to go through and open all the boxes of the books he had already packed for our move.   Crisis averted.  The writings of one 14th century English genius have been located!  Whew.

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