07th Jan2011

Archived Posts Will Be Appearing Soon ~ Thank you for your patience.

by medievalmom

I never fashioned myself a blogger, yet here I am!  I am , however, one heck of a journal writer.  It seems that I have tons to vent about and I’ve always turned to pen and paper.  I know, in this age?  It’s not that I’m opposed to technology—I use it constantly and I am a fan of quite a few blogs.  But for my feelings, the pen has been my instrument of choice… until now.

As I looked back over some of my entries, I thought I would transfer them to this blog.  In my year and a half as a mom I have learned so much and I realized, I have quite a bit to say about some of the topics that new moms must address.  So, I’m putting my journal online, so to speak, because, I hope that my entries will help or ease the transition to new motherhood for at least one person.  If one person reads this and my entries can help her with getting a passport for the little one, or freeze breast milk more successfully than I did, or if she feels better about not having that pre-baby body, or if someone simply says, “Oh thank goodness I’m not alone,” I’ll be one happy mamma. 

In the About Me section, I note that this blog will be about raising a child between two cultures and two countries, but I think it’s going to be more than that.  As I go back over my journal entries (yes, I actually titled them!), I found that I have written a lot about some very controversial and topical issues for new moms.  Here is just a sampling of some of the forthcoming entries that I’ll be transferring to this blog (as time permits):

  • Yes, I’m still fat. SO WHAT?
  • Your Baby Can’t Read!
  • Pet Peeve: Being told by my mother-in-law while she shakes her finger in a no-no pattern that the cookie I’m about to shove in my mouth is 130 calories
  • Oh, Vaccinations
  • Baby Needs A Passport
  • 14 Hours on a Plane!
  • Pet Peeve: skinny moms with newborns. What is this?  Two thoughts come to mind…
  • To Moby, To Ergo, To Sling, or To Stroller?
  • I SO Have a Problem With Germs
  • What I Ate While Breastfeeding
  • My Milk Went Bad
  • Co-Sleeping vs. Crib
  • Breastfeeding Part 1: Fighting With the Nurse
  • Breastfeeding Part 2: Nipple Shields?
  • Breastfeeding Part 3: Oh, the Pain!
  • Breastfeeding Part 4: To Pump or Not To Pump?
  • Breastfeeding Part 5: OK, we got this.
  • Breastfeeding Part 6:  Stop Looking – It’s For Food People!!!!!
  • Breastfeeding Part 7: Ph.D. Exams, Traveling, Stress, Food Poisoning, and 911
  • Breastfeeding Part 8: Cultural Differences
  • Breastfeeding Part 9: No One Tells You How to Wean
  • Breastfeeding Part 10: What I’ve Learned
  • Preschool Diaries – Worse Than Ph.D. Applications
  • Bilingualism
  • Mom’s Clubs
  • Medieval Views on Sleep Training
  • Traveling and Time Changes
  • Croup, or 911 in the Middle of the Night
  • If Your Baby’s Sick, Please Keep ‘Em Away From Mine!
  • Routines, Routines, Routines!
  • The Great Television Debate
  • When in Rome…
  • Disneyland Tips

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