28th Jun2012

Adventures in an Italian Library

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this entry right now as my emotions might bias my assessment of the library (and because I’ve just left the scene of...

20th Jun2012

Medieval Fair Fun

One of the best things about living in Tuscany is all of the summer medieval festivals!  You can find one nearly every weekend somewhere around Florence, and,...

19th Jun2012

Torta di Mele

Nothing beats a delicious (and easy) apple cake.  In Italy, the torta di mele is a staple.  Italians eat this cake for dessert… and for breakfast!  Yum. Prep...

18th May2012

Pollen Pollen Everywhere!

When it snowed in Tuscany, I thought it was magical.  When the snow melted, I was equally enchanted with the transforming landscape.  As spring approached, I was...

11th May2012
tuscan poppies papaveri rossi

Our Changing Tuscan Landscape

How do you know when spring arrives in Italy?  Take a look below!  These are just some pics that seem to really capture the season for me,...

21st Apr2012
Italian Easter Eggs

Our First Italian Easter

American and Italian traditions meet! Do you know the proper way to eat an Italian Easter egg? Or what chocolate gifts the kids receive in lieu of...

19th Apr2012


This dish requires a little bit of elbow work but it is so worth it! You can make a batch to eat fresh and then freeze the...

16th Apr2012

Choose a Name For Our Series!

We’ve moved from the Kin Channel to my Medieval Mom Channel!  Please help us pick an official name for our show.  It’s about moving from America to...

13th Apr2012

Where to Watch Our New Episodes

Today is the last episode of our docu-series for Kin Story, but it’s definitely not the last episode for us! Please join us as we continue our...

11th Apr2012

My Permesso Has Arrived!

It’s official… I finally have my Permesso di Soggiorno!  This means I have my “permit to stay” in Italy, and this document will keep me in legal...